Friday, August 20, 2010


I need new ones.
The hair is fine... I guess I need new clips.
Is that possible?
Just like cut out the clips and get new ones?
I'll see to that.
Anyway I also need to
dye it.
My roots are growing back.
What color though?
Any suggestions?
I'm not diggin' my short hair so
I'll for sure keep my extensions.
I also want my bangs to grow out.
I'm a bit sketchy about that part.
Cause I use my bangs to hide myself sometimes.
Eh, I'll keep 'em around.
I want LONG bangs though like.. this;
you know, choppy but long.
Right now I have full bangs but
I pull them off to the side.
I think I'll go light.
Hm.. yeah light.
and looong(:


  1. i have extensions. I always change my hair and clips.

  2. Then i should just probably get everything new in general right?

  3. uhh... i change the hair like every six months.. i've never gotten new clips.

  4. yeah that probably wouldn't make sense to just get clips huh?
    well then new extensions it is!
    haha thanks girl:)