Tuesday, October 5, 2010

About Me;

I figured I'd tell you about myself through a questionare.

Name: Sophia.

Nickname: Sophie, So.

Birthdate; December 1st 1993.

Birthplace: Orange County, California

Hometown:All over California.

Eye Color & Hair Color:Hazel, Light brown.

Height & Weight:5'4, fat.

Occupation / School:Senior /high school.

Righty or Lefty: Righty


Favorite Color: Black... goes with everything.


night or day- Night.

sweet or sour- Sweet.

chocolate or vanilla- Twist.

beer or hard liquor- None.

black or white- Black.

personality or looks- Personality, but looks wouldn't hurt. ;)

cats or dogs- Defffffff cats. I have two :)


Been in love-Oh but of course.

drank until you blacked out- Never.

Skipped school- Yes.

Drank alcohol- Nope.

smoked a cigarette- Cheer Camp 2 years ago, thought I was gonna die.

smoked weed- Never.

snuck out of the house- Yes.


Whats the worst thing that has ever happened to you- There are so many, but none really come to mind. Well when I crashed that was horrible.

What do you think happens when you die-You either go to heaven or hell.

Do you believe in karma- I think I do... I mean I act like I do but I think that is just me going with the flow trying to fit in... so no I don't think I do.

Believe in god- But of course he's my rock.

Do you have a job- I do, I work at a food shack on Venice pier.

If you had one wish, what would it be-To never get past 17, of course as I realized later on I'd totally regret it and try to fix it and my life would be like one of those movies.


Store- Forever 21,Urban Outfitters,Modcloth, LAVintage, H&M ThreadScene(love facbook for this).

Drink-OJ, Apple Juice, Vitamen Water.

Food-Italian, Mexican, Seafood.

Book- If I stay, the truth about forever, To kill a mockingbird, Go ask alice.

Music- Anything that I can jam out in my car. OOOh Melissa Polinar, Meiko.



Piercings- Just my ears.

Tattoos-Oh none yet i want one i have a speacial one but im not sure, too many people against it.

How do you want to die-Knowing I lived a full, long and happy life.

Do you want to get married- Of course!

Do you want kids- 3 of them actually.

Do you drink- Vitamen Water.

Smoke- No darling.

Your most missed memory- When I was a kid, I wish I could say to the 10 year old me, "You had it so good Sohpie." (I dont like growing up)

What do you want to do when you are done with highschool- I want to go into phycology, maybe art, maybe, design, I honestly love so many things I have no idea what to do... Hopefully life takes me somewhere great cause I'm really looking forward to it(:

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