Friday, July 30, 2010


I need to loose weight.
I'll go anorexic I don't care I just
want it gone.
ALL of it.
I don't want to be like this anymore.
I feel disgusting.

I'll stop complaining and do SOMETHING.
I need to.
I think I've finally reached that point.
I've reached it before but I just indulged
myself with more food 'cause I felt so bad.
Naw, I'm for sure doing something.

Nobody has ever called me a 2 foot
500 pound girl.
I bawled.
I bawled so hard.
I broke.
Over that?
Wouldn't you?
I guess I'm just mad I let myself get this big.
Oh. I'm not 500.
I think that's what clicked.
I didn't eat yesterday.
Just drank water.
AND went running at night.
I felt as if I was gonna collapse.
My body isn't used to it.
I need this.
So bad.

p.s food is now officially my enemy.

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