Saturday, July 31, 2010

What do YOU want to do before you die?

So i found a picture.
I found this picture.
And it got me thinking.
I want to do plenty.
Here's my list.
• Sky-dive.
• Go skinny-dipping.
•Learn to speak a foreign language and make sure I use it.
•Watch the launch of a space shuttle.
•Learn how to take a compliment.
•Be on T.V
•Write a letter.
•Send a message in a bottle.
•Get to know my neighbors.
•Plant a tree.
•Learn to say NO.
•Visit the Senate or House of Representatives to see how Congress really works.
•Learn to ballroom dance... properly.
•Learn to ACTUALLY dance.
•Be THE boss.
•Sit on a jury.
•Write the novel I know I have inside me.
•Be Someone's mentor.
•Stay out all night dancing and go to work the next day without having gone home.
•Shower in a waterfall.
•Ask for a raise.
•Teach someone illiterate to read.
•Write down my personal mission statement, and follow it.
•See a lunar eclipse.
•Experience weightlessness.
•Sing a song in front of an audience.
•Drive across America, coast to coast baby.
•Write my will!
•Sleep under the stars.
•GET SOME hah(:
•Get rich.
•Accept myself for who I am.
•Create my own website.
•Run to the top of the statue of Liberty.
•RUN a marathon.
•Visit the Holy Land.
•Go up in a hot air balloon.
•Be on Jersey Shore.
•Set foot on each of the seven continents.
•Swim with sharks and dolphins.
•Climb an active volcano.
•Photograph an endangered species.
•Spend 24 hours with friends in the jungle.
•Attend Art shows in New York.
•Attend music festivals in other countries.
•Attend the Olympics(:
•Take a leap of faith.
•Forgive people.
•Climb the Great Pyramid of Egypt.
•Fall IN love.... helplessly and unconditionally♥

So my question to you.. what do you want to do before you die?


  1. wow...
    so many things, but the funny question is, would they ever be achieved..? : )

  2. Those are the questions that keep me up at night! haha(: