Thursday, September 9, 2010

I wonder if people can read minds.
I wonder if you still feel the same way.
I wonder if people can read MY mind.
I wonder if they'd even care.
I wonder why your with her.
I wonder why it's not me.
I wonder why it's over.
I wonder if you even care.
I wonder what she feels when she's with you.
I wonder if she likes you as much as i did.
I wonder if you'll last... enough for her to fall in love with you the same way I did.
I hope not.
I hope she falls over those chunky boots and breaks a leg.
I hope she NEVER gets to fall in love with you.
I hope she moves to another city... another state... HELL another country!
I wish you were mine.
I wanna go back in time and erase all our memories...and maybe, just maybe things would have been better.♥

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